Bash Script for Time Lapse Videos

By: simonguide

On: 2013.05.25

Tagged: technology, personal,

I wrote a bash script, I can share it if needed, that takes a screenshot of my computer every minute. After approximately a day (2700 pictures to be exact as that works out to 3 minutes of video at a 10fps rate) it automatically compiles said screenshots into a video.

Why did I do this? Two reasons, first its entertaining and a sign of my tech knowledge. Second, its a great record of my life and I can go back watching how programs/work developed over time. My girlfriend and I joke that when I'm a millionaire we'll through a party and watch all the videos of how I became a millionaire. I used to upload the videos to YouTube, per above, and looked at a way to automate that with the YouTube API but then realized often I am dealing with extremely sensitive information that should not be posted publicly. Now I only, rarely, share my weekends.

I've also written bash scripts that:

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