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Rather than a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, and every-other-social-site I created this page. This is an outline of the things I'm involved in, what I do, and who I am. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me.


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I work for Guardian Risk Managers in underwriting, marketing, product development, and technology development. I've been brought on with Guardian specifically based on my technology background and am developing unique web technologies for the company. So far this has been a very unique project effectively starting a technology company from scratch making simple initial decision like programming language, database format, architecture, and hosting solution.

Note #1: I often write about risk management and insurance related topics on this blog. None of the information provided constitutes advice, you must consultant a professional before making any decisions.
Note #2: Although I work for Guardian Risk Managers this is my personal blog. Thoughts, opinions, ideas, and information expressed in this blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook are my own and do not represent those of the organizations I work for.


amorphous_projects is a web application development company I'm starting. I have a number of great ideas for web applications and finally got sick of saying "someone should really..." or "I need a web app that..." so I decided to do it myself. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the company isn't going to focus on 1 application, 1 market, or 1 niche so I needed a name that works for anything. amorphous - meaning ambiguous, undefined, unknown, unplanned. projects - meaning worked on, developed, planned, purposeful, specific. The first few projects focus on technology for risk managers and insurance professionals and I've written my own content management system.


Athletic Activities

Climbing, Skiing, Running, & Cycling

My original career path was that of an adventure tourism guide, in fact I have been a professional mountain biker and climber in the past. In the last 3-4 years my passion for the outdoors has taken a back seat to my dedication to work. Sometime I would like to get back to spending time in the outdoors but I have committed to a number of education, professional, and technology projects first. I do still run ultra-marathons and cycle at a high-level.
I keep Sucker 4 Punishment as a blog of my athletic activities.

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Non-profit Work

Lions Bay Search & Rescue

I was involved with LBSAR for 10 years including 3 years on the board of directors as the Secretary and Vice President. This was an invaluable learning experience for me in organization hierarchy, corporate & emergency communications, team leadership, government process, risk management, project management, etc. I would like to get back to Search & Rescue and even train an avalanche dog but I have a few other priorities first.

Intestinal Disease Education & Awareness Society

I was a member of the Board of Directors for this non-profit for almost 10 years as well including 2 years as president. During my time we quadrupled the annual income from fundraising and had a number of unique initiatives. The purpose of the society is to raise education and awareness of Crohn's, Colitis, IBD, Syliac, and related diseases. During my time with the organization I heard about numerous cases of patients being misdiagnosed and/or not receiving the support they needed, I firmly believe in the value the society provides. Towards the end of my time with the organization we were heading into a complete redesign of the website, marketing, and offerings, which I unfortunately did not get to see to completion.


Education & Media

Lions Bay Search & Rescue

Through LBSAR I gain certifications in rope rescue team leadership, avalanche searches, helicopter rescue, swiftwater rescue, etc.

University College of the Cariboo

I attended the University College of the Cariboo (now named Thompson Rivers University) Adventure Guide Program and had all intentions of becoming an ACMG certified rock/ski guide. Through university and Search & Rescue I have gained avalanche, rope rescue, swift water rescue, helicopter rescue, and SAR management certifications. More recently I completed the CRM (Canadian Risk Manager) designation. Next I will complete the CAIB designation and then I will be starting an executive MBA program at Laurentian University. After the MBA I intend to complete the CIP designation and hopefully the FCRM.


It's difficult to write about education, everything is [or should be] a learning experience. A few years ago @roberthillclimb and I tried to start an outdoor clothing and equipment company. I still firmly believe we had sound ideas and a valid business model but unfortunately we didn't have the funding to follow through. Only now we're starting to see some of those ideas implemented by other, more established companies. Although this business failed, it was a great learning experience.

Formal Courses
Programming Languages & Technology

I know a number of programming languages & tech and am always working to learn more. Currently I know:

I have been published in magazines and online a few times and have presented on a variety of topics, all of which I am very proud:

CloudCamp Vancouver

Patrick got in touch with me via Twitter and suggested I do a short presentation on risk management as it applies to Cloud computing and technology in general.

Manitoba Tourism 2011 Conference
I was asked to speak on Insurance & Risk Management for tourism operations at this conference.

he picture is gone but the content is still there. This is an interview done in 2004-ish about my work-always-from-anywhere lifestyle.

CNN/Business 2.0

This is pretty much a re-publish of the NuNomads interview, but kind of cool to get in a CNN affiliate magazine.

Zoho Blog

Because I mentioned Zoho in the Nunomads article they mentioned me in a blog post.

An interview from the CUISA

I'm not sure why I'm at the top of that page and I have a lot of respect for Dave Weinberg, Andre Rehal, and all the others mentioned.

ClearRisk Blog

A comment on this post sparked an invitation to do a guest post on the blog.

Informal Education


Reading List & Motivation

I believe you can tell a lot about someone based on what they read and what get's them up in the morning. I have read the following books and often post my notes in a blog post for future reference:

I also believe you can tell a lot about someone by what get's them up in the morning; what they enjoy; what they are working towards. For me those things are:


Online Identity & Graphic Inspiration


This is the blog of Simon Le Pine. I write about a number of varied topics including my technology startup, the insurance company I work for, my running/climbing/skiing, and the MBA I'm working towards. I organize posts into the following categories to make browsing by topic easy:

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