Filters, Leveraging The Next Big Thing

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.27

Tagged: amorphous_projects, ideas, technology, web,

A lot of people are saying big data is the next big thing. We've also heard that from Facebook, specifically on Wednesday Facebook said sharing is growing exponentially. So if you share 1 item a day on Facebook now next year you'll likely share 2 items a day.

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User interaction in design #7: Location Familiarity

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.11.22

Tagged: technology, user interaction, web,

Why is the close button always in the top right?

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CloudCamp Vancouver Notes

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.11.14

Tagged: risk management, technology, web,

I'm very honored to be presenting a lighting talk at CloudCamp Vancouver. I made a comment on Twitter, in passing, about securing the cloud being "more than just cyber security", which lead to an invite. What follows are my notes for the presentation. I'll add links to additional content over time as I elaborate on each point.

If you're here, you might find value in the series of post on Risk Management in Technology, which I add to on a regular basis.


Who am I:

I'm here to tell you 3 things:

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Risk Management in Technology #15: Browser Plugin Idea

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.11.03

Tagged: ideas, risk management, technology, web,

I just had an idea for a browser plugin to assist organizations in IT risk management. One of the biggest exposures is web passwords and the best risk management techniques are written password requirements and regular changes. It would be great to write a browser plugin that monitors web passwords, if a web password does not meet the organizations requirements (too short, doesn't contain numbers, doesn't contain special chars, etc.) the plugin would not allow the user to continue until the correct the issue. The plugin would also remind users to change web passwords every # days (30, 60, or 90 days).

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Social Spam Buster

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.10.26

Tagged: ideas, technology, web,

I was just doing a quick Google search, looking for a spam service with an API, which I can't find. This post serves two purposes, first to ask if anyone has seen anything like what I'm looking for, and two to suggest there's an opportunity.

I'm looking for a product... If only I could...
The beginnings of any good business.

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ToDo List

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.10.24

Tagged: web, random, amorphous_projects, insurance, personal, reporter,

I figured it'd be fun to start a public ToDo list and watch it slowly grow and get checked off.

UPDATE 24-Oct-2011

I'm suprised it only occured to me now, that to-do's should be organized by relevance/importance. I've decided to organize this list based on #1 - Product/Customers/Revenue, #2 - Marketing/Branding/Growth, #3 - Business, and #4 - Scaling/Expansion/Hiring. This is sort of the Maslows Hierarchy of Needs for business and I think something every small business struggles with. Put another way, you can have the greatest business plan or team but the organization is worthless if you can't ship a product. I concede, some businesses need a great team before they can ship but for the most part it goes product->customers->marketing->growth->expansion->hiring->etc. What follows is the updated to-do list.

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Risk Management in Technology #13: Communicating

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.10.20

Tagged: amorphous_projects, risk management, technology, web,

I had a discussion with Mark the other day about communicating risk management to customers/clients/end-users. I respect Mark a great deal and he is very knowledgeable in IT but I know a great deal more about risk management. He said risk management measures should be kept somewhat secret as its a risk to exposure your measure. I agree with that but, on the flip side, users want to know their data is safe. Proof of that appeared on InfoSecurity this morning, the British public is losing patience with companies that risk data loss.

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IDEA: Support Email App/Plugin

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.07.18

Tagged: ideas, random, web,

Yet another business idea I don't have time for...

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Life Long Learning #1 - The Economist Today

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.07.07

Tagged: life long learning, personal, technology, web,

This morning I was listening to The Economist daily podcast

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Secure or Paranoid?

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.07.03

Tagged: ideas, random, risk management, technology, web,

I finished up writing the registeration and login for amorphous_projects tonight (yes, a user will have 1 account for all projects I write and I only have to write it all once).

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