Bash Script for Time Lapse Videos

By: simonguide

On: 2013.05.25

Tagged: technology, personal,

I wrote a bash script, I can share it if needed, that takes a screenshot of my computer every minute. After approximately a day (2700 pictures to be exact as that works out to 3 minutes of video at a 10fps rate) it automatically compiles said screenshots into a video.

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I'm a SysAdmin!!!

By: simonguide

On: 2012.11.19

Tagged: technology, insurance, life long learning, personal,

I realized this weekend, I'm going to be required, by my employer, to be a SysAdmin (System Administrator). I'm developing some very cool web applications for them from scratch in an organization that's not tech related in an industry that is not current on tech. As part of that, I have chosen the programming language (PHP), chosen the database (MySQL or SQLite), designed the database architecture, and am now writing code. I am also shopping for data centre's, hosts, or server providers to host these applications. At a minimum we have to be on VPS's or private servers; shared servers are not secure or fast enough for our needs. Also, typically shared hosting services do not offer the option to scale to a VPS or managed service so we might as well skip that stage while we're small. Over the weekend, I realized by default I will have to be the SysAdmin for these servers as no one else in the company can do it (I also have to be in charge of risk management, backup, data recover, and business continuity but that's a post for another day). My employer doesn't, nor will the ever, know what a great deal they're getting. The average SysAdmin makes $75-85k/year and asking someone to underwrite technical insurance products, write computer code, develop IT risk management practices, and manage systems is rare. They're getting a great deal in an employee who can do it all so it's a good thing I'm incredibly happy there, happy to work weekends & evenings, and will be at the company for a very long time.



By: simonguide

On: 2012.11.11

Tagged: leadership, insurance, personal, life long learning,

My career plan is to act in a leadership role such as CIO or CTO for an insurance company. As such, I thought it valuable to start outlining a list of necessary skills/knowledge.

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When I'm A Leader

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.14

Tagged: business planning, leadership, personal,

I've said a number of times in a number of different posts that my ultimate goal is to provide leadership to a large organization. Over the recent holiday season I've spent my time formalizing a career plan and outlining the steps necessary to be CEO of a large organization. Because of these aspirations I often find myself saying "when I'm a CEO I'll...". Much like my To Do list this will be an ever growing list of things I'll do to be a good leader.

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How To Study Effectively

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.12

Tagged: life long learning, personal, reading list,

It came to my attention that one aspect to getting more done in a day is learning more effectively and making the most of my time studying for MBA courses. If I were to have to repeat a course its a waste of time, if I can spend 1 hour studying rather than 2 I can spend the second hour on other projects.

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The Two Cultures and A Second Look

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.12

Tagged: life long learning, personal, random, reading list,

The Two Cultures and A Second Look (C.P. Snow, 1959) is yet another one I stole off my fathers shelf. This book is so obscure I couldn't find a link on Google Books.

Proper citation:

Snow, C.P. (1959). The Two Cultures and A Second Look.

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My Purpose in Life

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.07

Tagged: personal, random,

Someone just told me I'm a life saver, I make headaches go away, I'm helpful, etc. It's great to hear that because it's one of my primary purposes in life; to be helpful and to have a positive impact on those around me.

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Free Rein Is Not Leadership

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.07

Tagged: leadership, personal,

This is really just a couple personal complaints rolled into a blog post. In fact, it's probably unprofessional to post this here.

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The Plague of the Black Debt - How To Survive the Coming Depression

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.27

Tagged: life long learning, financial, personal, reading list,

I stole this book by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg from my fathers bookshelf years ago. I'm really glad I did because, as expected, it has just as much relevance today.

Proper citation:

Dale Davidson, James. (1994). The Plague of the Black Debt: How To Survive the Coming Depression

I'll provide my post-read review here to save you skipping to the end - This is a fascinating, thought provoking book that shows just how similar the market crash of '87 and economic crisis of early 90's is very similar to today's issues. I highly recommend the book but I do warn it ultimately is a sales vehicle for the authors monthly investment newsletter.

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How Will You Measure Your Life?

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.16

Tagged: business planning, leadership, life long learning, personal,

I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review blog, which recently posted an article titled How Will You Measure Your Life?. It caught my eye because 1.) I'm evaluating what I want & need in life, and 2.) I want to learn from my father and spend time on friends/family rather than sacrifice those for business. What follows are my notes and, hopefully, how I want my life to be measured.

Out of interest, before I've read the full article I'll state that "I want my life to be measured by the positive impact I have on others". It'll be interesting to see how/if that changes having read the article.

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