Skills Matrix

By: simonguide

On: 2013.08.16

Tagged: about, insurance, leadership, life long learning, risk management, security, technology,

As I've noted previously, my goal is to be in a senior-level leadership position in 7-15 years. The ideal would be CIO, CTO, or CISO for either an insurance company or technology company. To achieve that sort of role it a combination of education and experience is required. Education is very easily quantified while real world experience is not. As such, I decided to create this Skills Matrix to document and advertise the experiences I've achieved. This is something we used to do in Search and Rescue to make it easy to build rescue teams based on specific situational requirements such as avalanche exposure, high-angle rope rescue, helicopter long line access, etc.

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By: simonguide

On: 2012.11.11

Tagged: leadership, insurance, personal, life long learning,

My career plan is to act in a leadership role such as CIO or CTO for an insurance company. As such, I thought it valuable to start outlining a list of necessary skills/knowledge.

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When I'm A Leader

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.14

Tagged: business planning, leadership, personal,

I've said a number of times in a number of different posts that my ultimate goal is to provide leadership to a large organization. Over the recent holiday season I've spent my time formalizing a career plan and outlining the steps necessary to be CEO of a large organization. Because of these aspirations I often find myself saying "when I'm a CEO I'll...". Much like my To Do list this will be an ever growing list of things I'll do to be a good leader.

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Free Rein Is Not Leadership

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2012.01.07

Tagged: leadership, personal,

This is really just a couple personal complaints rolled into a blog post. In fact, it's probably unprofessional to post this here.

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The Future of Leadership

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.24

Tagged: business planning, ideas, leadership, life long learning,

I had saved an article from Harvard Business Review ages ago. The title is "To Grow, Leave What You Know Behind", which initially turned me off but it's got some very thought-provoking stuff on the future of leadership.

Here's my thoughts:

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How Will You Measure Your Life?

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.16

Tagged: business planning, leadership, life long learning, personal,

I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review blog, which recently posted an article titled How Will You Measure Your Life?. It caught my eye because 1.) I'm evaluating what I want & need in life, and 2.) I want to learn from my father and spend time on friends/family rather than sacrifice those for business. What follows are my notes and, hopefully, how I want my life to be measured.

Out of interest, before I've read the full article I'll state that "I want my life to be measured by the positive impact I have on others". It'll be interesting to see how/if that changes having read the article.

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Business Snacks

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.16

Tagged: amorphous_projects, business planning, leadership, personal,

I read this an article with a great idea that Business Owners Should Takes Snacks of Information. I think it's a great idea for any business or job to get a 'daily' update of business critical information. For my own reference, I want to record here the information I feel is critical to my operations:

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American Catalyst Interview W/ Kyle Bass

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.13

Tagged: business planning, ideas, leadership, life long learning, random,

@Gravity7 linked to an hour long video on global economics, which immediately piqued my interest.Initially I was pretty sceptical because the video starts with "I saw the financial crisis coming" and "I told you so", hindsight is 20:20. I also can't stand people who use "..." in professional writing. I did my best to approach it with an open mind and utimately took 9 pages of notes, which can be seen below.

For anyone reading this, you likely know that I'm no expert when it comes to finance or economic policy. I'm an insurance & risk management nerd and thus am interested in this stuff but I don't proclaim to know anything of value. Take the notes below with a grain of salt.

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Who Moved My Cheese?

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.12.01

Tagged: business planning, leadership, life long learning, personal, random, reading list,

A friend of mine recently gave me Who Moved My Cheese? because she can see some of my frustration. I read the entire book in a single day and I can't thank her enough, she read my situation well and gave me a great tool.

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Sample Marketing Plan

By: Simon Le Pine

On: 2011.11.23

Tagged: creative agency, ideas, leadership, personal, random,

I count myself as an expert in marketing, or at least semi-knowledgeable in the matter. A friend of mine recently asked for some help in marketing his business/product. As such, for his benefit and my own I wanted to formalize the standard elements of any good marketing plan. Over time, it's my hope & plan to elaborate on each of these points at which time I'll link to the additional resources.

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