Skills Matrix

By: simonguide

On: 2013.08.16

Tagged: about, insurance, leadership, life long learning, risk management, security, technology,

As I've noted previously, my goal is to be in a senior-level leadership position in 7-15 years. The ideal would be CIO, CTO, or CISO for either an insurance company or technology company. To achieve that sort of role it a combination of education and experience is required. Education is very easily quantified while real world experience is not. As such, I decided to create this Skills Matrix to document and advertise the experiences I've achieved. This is something we used to do in Search and Rescue to make it easy to build rescue teams based on specific situational requirements such as avalanche exposure, high-angle rope rescue, helicopter long line access, etc.

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IDEA: Try Before You Buy Baths

By: simonguide

On: 2013.07.26

Tagged: random, ideas,

I was on transit this morning heading to work and passed a few large retail plumbing stores. The ones that have 100 baths on display.

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Bash Script for Time Lapse Videos

By: simonguide

On: 2013.05.25

Tagged: technology, personal,

I wrote a bash script, I can share it if needed, that takes a screenshot of my computer every minute. After approximately a day (2700 pictures to be exact as that works out to 3 minutes of video at a 10fps rate) it automatically compiles said screenshots into a video.

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Basic IT Security Plan

By: simonguide

On: 2013.05.22

Tagged: technology, insurance, risk management, security,

I am in the process of writing an IT security plan specifically for my employer as it relates to web applications and storage of some very sensitive PII (personally identifiable information). I cannot post the entire plan here, nor will I post specific security measures. I did want to start a post on the overall, basic concepts of an IT security plan as it relates to web applications. Naturally these concepts apply to all the code I write and I think it should also be taken into consideration by mobile app developers and others writing code without security.

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The Next Mobile Threats

By: simonguide

On: 2013.04.24

Tagged: security, ideas, technology,

I'm currently writing a completely benign app that is related to discovering sales on a users favourite products. I should be clear up front that I am not a malicious user and will never write viruses or malicious apps. The information provided below is for prediction, curiosity, and information purposes only.

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IBM X-force 2012 Threat Landscape

By: simonguide

On: 2013.04.23

Tagged: data, security, technology,

I was very fortunate, today, to be invited to attend a seminar where IBM Canada’s Chief Security Architect summarized their X-force Threat Landscape report. This report is put out bi-annually by IBM with the intent of summarizing the threats their unified security division is seeing and the trends the IT industry is facing. The X-Force Threat Landscape Report can be found here.

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PHP Variable Functions as a Security Flaw

By: simonguide

On: 2013.04.02

Tagged: technology,

My girlfriend is taking a Code Academy course and was given the exercise of writing a Rock/Paper/Scissors game. I was pondering it (last night at 1am) and thought you could do something really quick & easy with variable function names in PHP. I wrote the following code:

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Philosophical/Technical Comp. Sci. Dilemma

By: simonguide

On: 2013.03.20


I have a philosophical/technical comp. sci. dilemma. I’m writing a mobile app that is going to require NoSQL (Mongo) as its going to be dependant on large numbers and be highly transactional. Response time and agile DB development are key. I’m mostly writing this to “think out loud” as they say.

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Big Data: The Future of Insurance Fraud Prevention

By: simonguide

On: 2013.03.01


I watched this presentation on big data and fraud prevention in the insurance industry.

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Data Problems Faced by the Insurance Industry

By: simonguide

On: 2013.02.27

Tagged: data, insurance, technology, life long learning,

I’ve got a data problem. Well, we [Guardian Risk Managers] do. As with most insurance companies, a lot of reporting is done in Excel spreadsheets. We are generating a rolling earthquake aggregate report based on a bordereaux of policies. We were also generating a contract-year report based on those same spreadsheets but realized it was collecting incorrect data as the contracts renewed/changed. I am now in the process of building a full database solution to collect the data, never loose it, and provide automated reporting/analysis.

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